By David Sun

By David Sun

Linked list is just a poor man's blockchain.

Hey, this is David Sun.

I’m a creator working from wherever there is an internet connection.

Currently, my interests are: blockchain, art, and crypto-culture.

I and currently working on POB fulltime. Previously, I have worked at 0x, VISA, and

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On the Interwebs

Moar Cool Stuff

Token Studio

Proof of Beauty is a token experience studio enabling all sorts of new and novel ways to interact with the blockchain and its communities.

Asset Swapper

Open Finance

0x's asset-swapper package is a typescript library that provide easy to use token liquidity for open finance developers.

0x Explore


0x Explore is an ecosystem showcase of all the varying companies and teams building products with 0x protocol.



Cheatsheets is an effort to create a new kind of a micro-learning app that teaches and explores complex subjects.

Client Work

Velcron is a novel decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built to allow fast and secure trades with ERC-20 assets.


MHacks 2017

A smart trash can that leverages image recognitition to determine the waste thrown and gives you detailed anayltics about your waste habits.

Art Portfolio


This is my fine arts portfolio demonstrating traditional art skills and ideation.

🤔 And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.